Project Description

I reached out to Jonah Keri the day Grantland died.

My message was simple: You’re obviously going to be fine no matter what happens. But just in case you ever need help with a website, I’d love to be your guy. Two months later, we were on the phone discussing the project.

In the wake of Grantland’s demise, Jonah opted to publish content on a variety of platforms. He writes for Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, Rolling Stone, and a host of other publications. He also moved his iTunes chart-topping podcast — The Jonah Keri Podcast — to the Nerdist Network. He needed his website to aggregate content from multiple platforms so readers could easily keep up with his work.

WordPress was the perfect solution for Jonah. I created custom post types based on content type — articles, books, podcasts, and events — and added custom fields to make publishing content as streamlined as possible for Jonah. Page templates distributed the content by type.

The most challenging aspect of the site was the podcast filter development, which uses ajax to refresh a database query and javascript to apply styles based on the selection of the user. Users can sort by multiple taxonomies to drill down into content by both publisher and topic.

Jonah is one of the hardest-working and most prolific journalists in America. He needed a website that could keep up with him. WordPress helped me deliver a product that exceeded expectations.

Billy Kulpa has done outstanding work for me. He redesigned my personal website (, including extensive programming to filter a large database of podcast episodes, a highly customized page for events, unique design elements, migration of a huge amount of content to a dedicated server, conversion of the page from to, and much more. The UI he created for me to add content within WordPress was extremely user-friendly and individualized to my needs. Billy has also designed logos for my podcast and for the new Nerdist Sports venture.

Throughout all of these jobs, it has been a pleasure to work with Billy. He has been attentive, extremely detail-oriented, and very responsive to feedback and to all manner of requests and ideas. He is pleasant, professional, and creative. Billy is unusually motivated to do outstanding work and throughout these projects consistently has gone above and beyond. I would, and will, gladly work with him again and give him my highest recommendation.

— Jonah Keri, New York Times Bestselling Author