Project Description

Out of Theaters is a podcast I created and co-host alongside DC Comics writer Will Pfeifer and comedian and newspaperman Kevin Haas.

The project was labor intensive, but really rewarding because of how many different different skills were required to pull it off.

To begin, we needed a name, logo, and brand. I wanted something memorable and went with a retro/3-D look in the ugliest color pairing I could make work. I thought about going with some more traditionally associated with “movies,” like the Hollywood sign or something, but ultimately decided to go for something that stood out. Next came a responsive WordPress website that could all all three hosts to post and edit content. The site and our webserver needed to be able to host and deliver all of the files. We also needed custom XML feds to distribute the show to iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and other mediums. The podcast itself had to be recorded and edited on a weekly basis, which required a lot of experimentation with audio technology and acoustics. And finally, the show’s content needed to be reviewed, researched, and written each week.

Out of Theaters is a lot of work. We ended up with about 25,000 downloads in our first year before taking a hiatus with the birth of my second son. As he gets a little older and I get a bit more time (and sleep), we hope to get back at it for a second season.

Show Description:
Film critic and comic book writer Will Pfeifer has a sincere appreciation for classic pictures. His pal Billy Kulpa does not. Out of Theaters podcast is an experiment in what happens when a film expert is forced to review the classics with people who know little and care less about time-honored pictures. Comedian of zero note Kevin Haas moderates as the trio talk about talkies, play movie-related games and present their best pitches to remake the films they watch.