Project Description

In the spring of 2012, I was contracted to design a brochure and infographic for a startup called Rewards Network. I was given some basic data and a short deadline to turn it around.

Infographics are trickier than most people think. You don’t choose whether to create a bar chart or a line graphic based on aesthetics — you pick the chart that makes the most sense for the data set. For example, a line graph is applied when describing a rate or some other piece of data that doesn’t begin at zero. The line exists to show a trend in relation to itself over a given period of time. A bar chart, by comparison, assumes that the data starts at zero for each increment measured.

Yea. That’s right. Incremental time correlation. I said it.

I felt good about what I produced, but I wouldn’t have been able to complete the project without some tremendous insight from the legendary Charles Apple — a great mentor and all-around great guy who is always available to dish out some advice. I also need to thank Joey Kirk — another great dude — for the initial lead.