Project Description

This is a simple poster concept I created a few years back for the 2012 edition of Rosecrance Flower Day, an annual flower-buying benefit that helps fund charity care for substance abuse and mental health care.

I share my poster not because of its great artistic merit, but because I was delighted at the difference in tone between my approach and Rosecrance’s traditional approach. I’ve included the more traditional approach — this poster created in 2015 by another artist — to illustrate that difference. Please note: I do not include another artist’s work in my portfolio to insult or critique. I am simply illustrating the difference.

I worked for Rosecrance for fewer than two years. Much of my work involved emulating an already existing brand, which meant a lot of research into previous incarnations of marketing materials. While looking through the archives for Rosecrance Flower Day materials in preparation for the event, I noticed that Rosecrance used similar imagery for almost every one of their posters. I decided to try something different. I whipped up my alternative concept in a few hours one morning, with a goal of creating something eye-catching. My supervisor liked it so much that the poster was accepted as-is.

There are things I would do differently with more time, for sure. And it was probably a mistake to dart so drastically away from the company’s existing style. But I am happy with the results.